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Index of /access/CB/

Index of /access/CB/

OPTIV_CB_FEED_DOMAINS.txt                          26-Aug-2019 05:41              824990
OPTIV_CB_FEED_IPS.txt                              26-Aug-2019 05:41               33149
Optiv_CB_High_Confidence_MD5s.txt                  26-Aug-2019 05:41                7738
Optiv_CB_High_Confidence_SHA256.txt                19-Dec-2018 17:04                   0
logo.png                                           10-Jul-2018 14:54                2490

Disclaimer: The above lists are provided free of charge to Optiv's Managed Security Services clients. Optiv highly recommends that these lists be utilized in a preemptive manner to proactively block known threats.